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Haunted hollow has become one of Nebraska’s best Halloween attractions, offering you the chance investigate an actual hotbed of otherworldly activity. But that’s just a taste of the offerings you’ll find!

Enjoy the top-rated scream park in Nebraska with frightening attractions that will scare and delight crowds! Find entertainment for those with nerves of steel to the faint of heart. And don’t miss weekends at haunted hollow featuring live music plus interactive shows with paranormal investigators!

With 7 acres of frights and fun, you’ll never want to leave!




Fame? Fortune? Tragedy? What path has the future laid out for you? Ask Madame Abbie, the mistress of tarot and keeper of the secrets of the arcane… 

Your future is written in the stars, and through the supernatural art of tarot, Madame Abbie will fathom the unfathomable, revealing that which is yet to be seen. 

Dare to delve into the mystic and see what mysteries the fates will reveal to you!



Enter the Freak Show, home to nature’s mistakes and the oddities of the world… cast your eyes upon creatures that should not be! See bizarre organisms, embalmed and taxidermies to preserve their hideousness. Once you see lay your eyes upon these wretched beats, they will star in your nightmares ever more.



Years have passed since anyone went into the old corn barn. Decades of rot and disrepair can be seen in the old bones of the building. Punished by the elements for decades, it was a miracle it was still standing. 

Where once children would run and play around the old barn, it now sits lifeless and quiet… … until night comes… 

Rumor has it that you can hear sinister sounds coming from the barn in the dark. Are you fearless enough to find out for yourself, when terror lurks behind every twist and turn?



There is a cabin in the woods that was once joyous and full of life, until one day when a most unspeakable act took place, forever darkening this once bright home. So horrible was this act that the earth itself tried to swallow the cabin whole. Where once there was light, now there is unfathomable darkness. Watch your step if you enter. You could slip and fall forever.

-- CLAUSTROPHOBIA (Closed for 2020)

We all find comfort in having our own personal space. Just having this room allows our minds to relax. But what if, suddenly, the walls began to contract? 

The walls move ever so slowly, at first… barely a perceptible change. You convince yourself that you’re imagining any difference. That it’s all in your head…

The walls move closer. You know with absolute certainty that something’s not right as you begin look for a way out.

The walls move closer. You breathe faster and your pulse quickens once you realize that you can’t see an escape from this ever-contracting prison. Your hands begin to shake.

The walls move closer. Your anxiety reaches terrifying heights as the lights dim. You can no longer see the walls move, but it doesn’t matter. You now feel the walls on wither side of you.

The walls move closer. There is no more room. You struggle to move. You gasp for air. You struggle to thrash about, but the walls press firmly against your limbs. 

The walls move closer. Your face is now wet with tears that you can’t wipe away. Each step you take binds you closer to each side of your horrifying confinement. Is this how it ends?

The walls. Move. Closer. And hope has abandoned you. There is just room enough for you to cry out in terror.

Are you ready to confront the nightmare?

CLAUSTROPHOBIA… where the walls close in on you.


Do you have the nerve to visit the haunted house of haunted hollow? 

Could it be haunted by the restless soul of the home’s architect? Many investigators would say yes. Built in 1880, the home’s original owner died inside from a brain tumor at the turn of the century. And now, this home has become one of the most active paranormal sites in Nebraska. 

Multiple spirits have been identified inhabiting the dwelling, and you can experience this otherworldly attraction for yourself!  Find out whether these spirits restless or malevolent as you enter this documented haunted building. You may even feel chills and sensations as sprits reach out from beyond. For a taste of the true paranormal, you won’t want to miss this attraction!


Just beyond the haunted house lies a space that should not be. The air is heavy and thick, and smells of decay. As you step, you can hear the mud slurp each time you labor to lift your feet from the ground. Frogs croak and flies buzz as you trudge through a murky bog. You have found yourself in a fetid swamp, teeming with life; all of it hungry… and tonight, you are on the menu! 



There is a place where your eyes will deceive you and even gravity can play dirty tricks on you. Step inside the whack shack and brace yourself as the floor may very well disappear beneath you. Flustered and dizzied, by the time you make your way through to the end, you will think up is down and down is up!



If you’re hungry for delicious food that will stick to your ribs and put a smile on your face, visit the carriage house café. You’ll find all of your favorite blue-ribbon state fair fare waiting to fill your belly!  Our motto is “if it ain’t fried, it ain’t food,” so get ready to munch on chicken fried steak sandwiches, foot-long corn dogs, hot dogs, French fries, nachos, hot chocolate, hot cider and more! Get ready for a food coma so good, you’ll need a friend to get you back to your car!


-- THE MARKET (All Food Will Be Located At The Carriage House)

Drop by the market and grab some of your favorite sweet treats! Nibble on fried Twinkies, sink your teeth into fried Oreos, and enjoy an old favorite like a funnel cake! You might even want to try our fried buttholes (we promise no butts were harmed in the making of them!). Grab a bite, grab a drink and have a blast!



The truth is out there, and every Friday night at haunted hollow we get you up close and personal with PRISM, the preeminent paranormal investigators in the Midwest! You will see how they collect evidence of the paranormal and hear tales from their most spine-chilling investigations about coming face to face with the beyond! These metaphysical investigators will make you believe in the things that go bump in the night!


-- BURIED ALIVE ATTRACTION (Closed for 2020)

Buried alive casket ride – everyone has had the thought at one time or another. The casket holding your now-lifeless corpse is lowered to its final resting place… but suddenly, as the undertaker shovels the last bit of dirt onto your grave, you wake up.  

You are surrounded on all sides. The coffin becomes more constricting by the moment. You begin to panic. It won’t be long before your air runs out and all hope is lost. You press against the lid of your casket with all your might, but it’s no use. You’re surrounded by a mountain of earth on all sides. Six feet of soil is all that separates you from freedom… but it might as well be miles. There is nothing you can do.  

Confront death head on, as mankind’s most primal fear is made real…  experience the white-knuckle panic of being buried alive. 



There is safety in numbers; comfort in knowing that you’re not alone.

There are also few things more unnerving than a dark fearful situation… except having to confront that fear all by yourself.

You are completely cut off from the outside world. 

Once you breach these doors, no help will come. 

You are alone. 



Have you heard the tale of the Nebraska chainsaw massacre? A madman broke into in isolated Nebraska farmhouse, he found a chainsaw among the tools. Without hesitation, he used the mighty weapon to slaughter everyone on the farm. 

A statewide manhunt couldn’t turn up the killer, as he and the chainsaw were never found. The barn was condemned years ago, but onlookers can visit this horrible scene if they like. But do so at your own peril… some say the madman never actually left.